Bernd Rücker

Bernd Rücker
Business process enthusiast


He started developing more than 15 years ago. In his consulting career he coached countless real-life software projects and helped many customers to implement business logic centered around long running flows for example the order process of the rapid growing start-up Zalando, which sells clothes worldwide or the provisioning process for e.g. SIM cards at a couple of big telecommunication companies. During that time he contributed to various open source workflow engines. He is a co-founder of Camunda, a company very successful in this field. Bernd is totally enthusiastic about how flows will be implemented in next generation architectures.
Let your domain events flow
(Talk, Beginner)
In this talk we demonstrate the idea of Sagas and process managers to control a flow of domain events across transactional aggregate and context boundaries. We will not just use slides but explore runnable code available on GitHub. We will use lightweight open source frameworks like Spring, Apache Kafka and Camunda. We will answer concrete questions like: How can a process manager be implemented without reinventing the wheel? How does it support complex flow logic requiring timeouts, proper reactions on errors and compensating actions? We will also discuss design questions: How can we anchor the flow logic in the ubiquitous language? How can we make it transparent to domain experts and maintainable for developers? And how can whole end-to-end business processes be modeled in harmony with DDD principles including the bounded context?



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